Reconnecting a 456/436 in MS Workstation 8

If a 456/436 gas chromatograph is powered off or the connection to the computer is disrupted, the GC will lose its IP configuration in MSWS 8. I recommend closing MSWS 8 every time the GC needs to be turned off or disconnected. But if that doesn’t happen, here’s a video tutorial on how to re-establish the connection.


Lotus Consulting has been making special chromatographic systems since 1990, especially oriented to measure gaseous to measure gaseous analytes. Our goals in implementing these systems are to –

  • Achieve ultimate performance including lowest detection limits, including lowest detection limits and extended range
  • Provide full automation to minimize operation involvement and maximize throughput
  • Make operations easy to perform

We can provide assistance in taking your measurements into an operational instrument.

Some of the systems we have built are set up to measure –

  • Toxics in ambient air, landfill gas, and vapor intrusion (EPA TO15)
  • South Coast Air Quality Management District Method 25.3 and EPA Method 25.1 non-methane organic compounds
  • Impurities in hydrogen fuel
  • Siloxanes in biogas
  • Dissolved gases in water
  • DME and LPG