Siloxanes in Biogas

High performance, near real-time detection of volatile polysiloxanes in anaerobic digester and landfill gases using the Lotus On-line Trace Siloxanes Analyzer.

USEPA Method 25 Non-Methane Organic Compounds

Analysis of gaseous samples for total carbon content using the Lotus Non-Methane Organic Carbon (NMOC) Analyzer.

USEPA Method TO-15 Volatile Organic Compounds

Speciated analysis of toxic organic compounds in ambient air by GCMS using the Lotus Air Scion.

Vapor Intrusion

Measurement of toxic chemicals involved in vapor intrusion into residential and commercial buildings.

Hydrogen Fuel

Analysis of almost all trace impurities in hydrogen gas. Meets the California Code of Regulations, Title 4, Division 9, Chapter 6 requirements for hydrogen fuel.

Greenhouse Gases

Full analysis of all the long-lived greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and various CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs.


Lotus is capable of providing new solutions for custom applications.