Vapor Intrusion

Measurement of toxic chemicals involved in vapor intrusion into residential and commercial buildings presents a very daunting task. Target objectives can vary from low-pptV for some analytes, and way up in the high ppmV for others – all in the same sample. And since these are mandatory screening levels, the analyzer needs to be well below the low levels to ensure that the reporting concentration is accurate. A dynamic range needed for this measurement approaches 30,000,000, typically well beyond the capabilities of most GCMS systems.

Vapor Intrusion Analyzer

The Vapor Intrusion Analyzer by Lotus Consulting is designed to first assess the level of organics in the sample by a rapid prescreen run with a flame ionization detector. Based on userselectable judgments, one of two GCMS instrument methods is automatically set up. One method is set up measure concentrations from under 10 pptV levels to 100 ppbV, and the other can handle levels from 30 ppbV to 300 ppmV. This process helps avoid the time-consuming and costly process of reruns to get the sample within range of the instrument.

More Information

Brochure for the Vapor Intrusion Analyzer